My Mandela Washington Fellowship Experience

It was my first time. It was my first time boarding a plane, my first time to attend a fellowship. Apart from crossing the Kenya-Uganda border on foot in 2007, it was also my first time out of my country. On the day that Fatuma Dubow called me from the US embassy in Nairobi, I... Continue Reading →


Replenishment of the Prodigals

In every good story, the protagonist reaches a point called 'the point of no return'. A point where there's no option but to finish the journey he started. Up until that point, he has a choice to either go back or go on, but at the point of no return the option of going back is no longer there. So what is that point in the prodigal's story?

Maybe Nationalism Won’t Work

In the twentieth century, the idea of nationalism, which is based on a belief in loyalty to one's nation, euphorically swept over the world. It is nationalism that helped produce two great conflicts - World War I and World War II. Together, these wars cost the lives of more than fifty million people, but nationalism as an ideology remained as one of the things the world became so proud about. Then Europeans drew boundaries in Africa and split communities and united others against their will.

I’ve Been to the Sea: My Prayer Service Experience

I had closed my eyes, my heavy heart wondering if this was just yet another prayer I would make and go home to my worries. My tired mind couldn't force itself to construct sentences for prayer. I listened to the rest of the congregation praying, men and women pouring their hearts out as if Christ in His physical form was standing in front of them.

The Path: My Journey to a Narrow Road

I was done with 8-4-4 and I was expected to look for a job. I had to write CVs and somehow be relevant to the job I was applying for. All I knew was that any job would be boring. The distribution of tasks had created specialized human beings, and I had spent all my young life being the opposite, grabbing and eating knowledge and taking part in all things that excited me.

Tasha, Nicki and the Readiness for New Things

I disagree with the unconscious modern definition of ministry, which robs the practical application of the term of its deep texture of real life. Many have made ministry to only mean evangelism, and now expect Christian artists to use their art to evangelize people who are imagined to be averse to the gospel in any other form but art. As a result, the claims of Christianity are ignored and are fast becoming culturally irrelevant.

Thinking Differently on Youth Unemployment in Kenya

There's a common joke these days that if you throw a stone in the streets of Nairobi, you'll most likely hit a DJ or photographer, or something close. Kenyans on twitter are some of the most creative and entertaining fellows on earth. The young population in this country thrives in creativity. They seek skills based on their creative inclinations and hobbies. But the government and its systems focus their efforts on taking these young people to careers that have been occupied by 40% of the population for the longest time.

The Groove is not to Blame

Letting voters determine the award winner only means that the minister who doesn’t have a budget to promote their nomination or is less vocal about it will receive less votes even if their item is superior in regards to the criteria set out. Perhaps Groove should even take steps to ensure that we can access those songs mentioned there so that we do not vote for names without hearing the songs.

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