An all-wise, all-powerful, loving God formed all things perfect in the beginning. He made man, the crown of His creation, perfect and capable of fellowship with Himself and able to enjoy and govern Eden.
The book of Genesis is by all means a book of beginnings. Jon Courson once commented about it and said, ‘It talks about the beginning of all things except the beginning of God.” And why is it silent about the beginning of God? Because no author writes a book and starts by trying to convince the reader that he/she exists. The simple fact that you are reading his book is evidence enough that he exists. We come to the bible knowing that there is God, so what about Him and Genesis?
Three creative acts of God are recorded in chapter 1, explaining the beginning of:
  • Heavens and the earth (Gen_1:1)
  • Animal life (Gen_1:21)
  • Human life (Gen_1:27)
We find the beginning of the universe, first of all, and then the beginning of the life forms within the universe, the beginning of man, the beginning of sin and death. Then we find the beginning of God’s redemptive program by the beginning of a nation(In later chapters).
The book of Genesis starts with a conclusive statement, “In the beginning, God…” In his introduction, the author ends up concluding that we cannot go further than that. It is the earliest time imaginable. All our efforts to figure out the beginning will always end with that start – God. This answers all the questions man has ever had, for to remove God from that statement would introduce all kinds of problems.
The book of beginnings makes it’s claims and statements clear and simple. It outlines the order of events and speaks of everything we see on earth today. There’s an explanation for every part of the universe. To reject any part of this account would be to reject all of history altogether.
Therefore, from this chapter alone, we can conclude that atheism is a folly, pantheism is an absurdity, matter is not eternal, the creation of the world was an exercise of supreme intelligence and supernatural power.
Almost all important doctrines and teachings have their foundation in the Book of Genesis: the doctrines of sin, redemption, justification, Jesus Christ, the personality and personhood of God, the kingdom of God, the fall, Israel, the promise of the Messiah, and more.
Adam Clarke gives a general definition of God, as far as human words dare attempt one: The eternal, independent, and self-existent Being: the Being whose purposes and actions spring from himself, without foreign motive or influence: he who is absolute in dominion; the most pure, the most simple, and most spiritual of all essences; infinitely benevolent, beneficent, true, and holy: the cause of all being, the upholder of all things; infinitely happy, because infinitely perfect; and eternally self-sufficient, needing nothing that he has made: illimitable in his immensity, inconceivable in his mode of existence, and indescribable in his essence; known fully only to himself, because an infinite mind can be fully apprehended only by itself. In a word, a Being who, from his infinite wisdom, cannot err or be deceived; and who, from his infinite goodness, can do nothing but what is eternally just, right, and kind. Such is the God of the Bible; but how widely different from the God of most human creeds and apprehensions!
Some scientists often act certain in their knowledge about the origin of the universe, but their constant “revolutionary discoveries” prove they are really just groping in the dark. Honest scientists, those not puffed up with a proud arrogance, will admit this.

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