Tasha, Nicki and the Readiness for New Things

I disagree with the unconscious modern definition of ministry, which robs the practical application of the term of its deep texture of real life. Many have made ministry to only mean evangelism, and now expect Christian artists to use their art to evangelize people who are imagined to be averse to the gospel in any other form but art. As a result, the claims of Christianity are ignored and are fast becoming culturally irrelevant.


Thinking Differently on Youth Unemployment in Kenya

There's a common joke these days that if you throw a stone in the streets of Nairobi, you'll most likely hit a DJ or photographer, or something close. Kenyans on twitter are some of the most creative and entertaining fellows on earth. The young population in this country thrives in creativity. They seek skills based on their creative inclinations and hobbies. But the government and its systems focus their efforts on taking these young people to careers that have been occupied by 40% of the population for the longest time.

The Groove is not to Blame

Letting voters determine the award winner only means that the minister who doesn’t have a budget to promote their nomination or is less vocal about it will receive less votes even if their item is superior in regards to the criteria set out. Perhaps Groove should even take steps to ensure that we can access those songs mentioned there so that we do not vote for names without hearing the songs.

Love is a Habit (The Fourth View)

To me, the discussion about love is always just another topic to get people talking, but this is a bit different.I don't claim to have read, heard or watched enough about this great virtue, but have predominantly interacted with three views about love. The first view is that love is a feeling and people feel... Continue Reading →


An all-wise, all-powerful, loving God formed all things perfect in the beginning. He made man, the crown of His creation, perfect and capable of fellowship with Himself and able to enjoy and govern Eden. The book of Genesis is by all means a book of beginnings. Jon Courson once commented about it and said, 'It... Continue Reading →

With Him

Called in whispers or out loud At his feet to him I bowed Me and him, never was a crowd In his glory to be forever wowed Then I'm proud, then charged and set Eager to beget and get Noble things I can't regret But with him not settling yet Ironed shirt and borrowed shoes... Continue Reading →

The Skinny Butcher

He wakes up every morning to distribute meat, but it is possible he eats no meat. The butcher distributes. His meat has increased the size of many and made their lives brighter, yet the butcher remains skinny. He doesn't exercise, we don't see him in the gym. He's always in the butchery, we see him... Continue Reading →

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